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PAIDI is safety ...

Safety for the children’s room

Strictly tested and certified children’s furniture in which children feel safe from an early age on – for this purpose, PAIDI has invented and designed a whole lot: from slip bars for the cot, the safety set to protect children from falling out of bed, all the way to the original PAIDI Slide System for wardrobes, which protects fingers from being trapped.

PAIDI represents tested safety

Our PAIDI furniture, which is tested according to the standards for children’s furniture, bears the GS mark. This is considered the most reliable guarantee of functional and overall safety (of furniture and consumer goods) and is awarded by independent test centres approved by the Federal Ministry.

PAIDI bears the RAL quality mark

The ” Golden M ” is a quality seal awarded by the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) that is only given to furniture which has been put through intensive testing. It must be stable, safe, durable and well made – and also meet the highest standards in terms of health.

PAIDI stops for little hands

PAIDI drawers and wardrobe doors are equipped with a high-quality soft close system – they stop gently and then automatically self-close – so that they close softly and quietly. Learn more

Original PAIDI Slide System

Fitted, high-quality aluminium rails ensure that the sliding doors run as smoothly as possible. Thanks to our Soft Close mechanism, the doors brake for small as well as large fingers and gently and quietly close at the same time. Learn more


Safe exit and entry

With every baby cot, easily removable slip bars allow the toddler to get in and out of the cot safely.


A good transition with the safety set

Already too big for the cot and still too small for the daybed, the baby cot can be converted into a junior bed or, with a safety set, into a junior level. It is equipped with a fall-out protection on all sides and optionally with a small ladder for safe exit and entry.

Learn more

Safe even in the bunk bed

For the play beds, bunk beds and loft beds, fall protection is available in all variants: all around and also raised, for the straight and sloping grip ladders, safety sets with light strips and caps for the bedposts are available, which guide the way even in the dark.


PAIDI is tilt-proof

Like all PAIDI children’s furniture from a height of 90 cm, the chests of drawers are also equipped with an anti-tilt device. The fixed connection mounted to the wall ensures stability when properly assembled.

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