German Design Award Gold for outstanding design

Award-winning design and innovative technology
Designer Bruno Agostino mit Babybett Felie

Felie baby cot

The design and revolutionary mechanism to remove three of Felie’s bars was awarded first place in the Baby and Child Care category by the German Design Council. Chief designer Bruno Agostino reveals more in PAIDIs World.


White universal furniture with all-round lattice sides

Babies sleep safely and ergonomically in the Felie cot with its all-round, elegant grid sides and tapered feet. And when they wake up, they have light and air in all directions.


In a jiffy: get out and in safely

Thanks to three removable bars, the small child can climb in and out of the cot safely and independently. The innovative mechanism makes removing the bars easy and quick. The knobs of the mechanism are designed to be soft and pliable for a child-friendly environment.

The new slip bar mechanism.

PAIDI Felie Babybett 1130101

Thanks to three removable bars the child can get in and out safely.

To remove the bars, push the button downwards. Then push the bars to the side and remove them.

When they are inserted, the bars lock into place with a “click” to ensure they are safe for children.

The buttons are designed to be soft and flexible for a child-friendly environment.

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