Huge selection of high-quality beds


Children's beds designed to grow

Tiago makes it easy for you to keep pace with your child’s growth.Simply convert the existing bed flexibly, for example from an adventurous play bed to a cosy teenage bed.


Many variants for every age

Choose Tiago in the colour you like best: chalk white or pebble grey. You can then customise the bed – for example with motif textiles to match your child’s favourite theme.

The beds and studio loungers are available in three widths;play, loft and bunk beds in two widths.


Grow with your child

Think about your child’s needs and choose the bed that fits best. You can always convert it as your child gets older. For example, you can choose a cot with fall protection and safety sides as the first large bed for your child. Later, when your child is sleeping safely, you can remove the additional protection. Many other conversion options make the Tiago beds real quick-change artists.


Play and dream worlds with motif textiles

There are not only sloping or vertical ladders for the play beds, but also slides that will get your child out of bed in the morning in no time at all. You can also choose from five motif textiles to create themed worlds. Whether adventures on the high seas, animals from the savannah or space travel – the imaginative play tents, curtains and cushions will whisk your child away to their own play world.


Space-saving bunk beds and loft beds

A workplace with storage space under the bunk bed? Or an additional sleeping space for siblings in the bunk bed? No problem for Tiago, also in combination with the Fiona, Fionn and Oscar ranges with its super-flexible corner wardrobe.


Stylish studio beds

The studio lounger in three different widths playfully fulfils even larger requirements. The highlight: the all-round fall protection is available for younger children, so that the studio lounger is suitable for younger children … and accompanies them into their teenage years without it. With the low bedheads, it also fits well under sloping ceilings.

Tiagos Details

Additional storage space

Chic and practical: Tiago beds and loungers also go well with shelves, highboards, lowboards and wall boxes from the Fiona, Fionn and Oscar ranges.

Fun and safety

As with all play, loft and bunk beds from PAIDI, the fall-out protection is also available for Tiago.

Even more play options

As in many PAIDI children’s rooms, the Fritzi seating group goes perfectly with the Tiago daybed and the Oscar programme. It can be used for painting and playing: Smaller children can sit at the horizontal children’s table, older children at the upright desk. More about Fritzi

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