PAIDI is ergonomics

Ergonomics in the children’s room

PAIDI does a lot to ensure children’s backs are healthy right from the start. Supporting the development of the spine in the best possible way starts with a good slatted base in the cot, because during the first few months babies sleep up to 16 hours a day. Individual sleeping systems from PAIDI ensure a healthy night’s sleep for children and teenagers by combining slatted bases and different mattresses. For schoolchildren, sitting correctly becomes an important issue, which is particularly supported through ergonomic furniture such as children’s desks and desk chairs.


Good for the baby's back

At PAIDI, even the baby’s first cot is equipped with the Airwell® Comfort slatted base, which guarantees optimal elasticity. For the sensitive skeleton and spine of small children, it is particularly important to provide good lying comfort with a high-quality cold foam mattress.

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Parents' backs are equally protected

Because the height of the slatted base can be adjusted in four ways, parents’ backs are also supported. In the first weeks, when the baby needs to be taken out of the bed quite often, the highest position is recommended. As the child grows and thus pulls itself up and gets in and out of the bed independently, the lying surface can be lowered.

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Lying comfort in all its variety

Ergonomics is not only a priority for the play beds and loft beds with slatted bases with either 16 or 28 slats. Even our pull-out bed Flynn, which can be turned into a proper double bed, is equipped with high-quality slatted bases with an adjustable degree of hardness.

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Sitting ergonomically at your desk

The right posture whilst sitting down is also important for the health and well-being of your child – after all, they are still growing. PAIDIs workstations for schoolchildren can be adjusted in a variety of ways – for a relaxed, non-tiring working environment right from the start.

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