Conversion options for our baby cots

More than just a cot

Over 85 years ago, PAIDI set new standards with the invention of the baby cot. Today, it is a wonderful example of how versatile and ergonomic children’s furniture from PAIDI can be, all while offering complete comfort and safety.


Comfortable because of the adjustable height

The cot offers complete safety and maximum comfort. The AIRWELL® Comfort slatted base is adjustable in 4 different positions. Therefore, the baby rests safely and the back of the parents is protected while lifting the child out of the cot.


Easy entry and exit

Every baby cot is equipped with removable bars. They are easy to take out and therefore allow babies who have become more mobile to get in and out of their cot safely.


A good transition for the toddler

When the child grows too big for the baby cot, that’s where the versatility of PAIDI furniture comes into play: with the safety set for the junior level, children can sleep safely even without the bars, because the all-round protection prevents them from falling out.


Your first playground

With the optional small ladder for the baby bed in the junior level, the little ones are one step further in their development. The matching tent turns the sleeping area into a cuddly den and playground.


Comfortable children's sofa

With conversion side on the front, the baby bed becomes a children’s sofa with backrest and support on the sides.


Almost like the grown-ups

With open sides, the baby bed is already a junior bed and a great way to transition into a bigger lounger, youth lounger or even a loft bed, play bed or bunk bed.

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