Children’s beds for every stage of life

The whole variety of children’s beds

For children in particular, a bed is not only a place to sleep, but also a place to play and relax. Whether as a play bed, loft bed or high bed with lots of exciting decorative options, as a stylish youth lounger for hanging out or as a bunk bed with lots of storage space – for all of PAIDI’s children’s room programmes, there are beds that can be remodelled and adapted again and again.

First couch

During the first few years, the 90 x 200 cm bed can be the starting point for many other sleeping options. Optionally, there is a protective side at the back or a fall protection for the front of the bed. By adding bed drawers, a sliding bed or the pull-out bed Floyd, the bed can be extended at any time. Later, it can easily be converted into a play bed, loft bed or bunk bed.


More storage space with the bunk bed

Depending on your preference, sliding shelves with 4 compartments each or rolling boxes with and without covers, fit perfectly underneath the bunk bed. Also a good choice: a sliding bed for overnight visitors, which also offers plenty of storage space as it comes with two drawers.

Reach new heights with our play beds

You don’t want your bed to be just for sleeping? Here you go! With the play beds in heights of 80, 120, 140 or 160 cm, there are no limits to your imagination. Equipped with a sloping or straight grip ladder, optionally also with a slide or climbing wall, you can really start having fun. There is also a huge selection of textile accessories such as tents, curtains and canopies.


Even more space thanks to the high bed

At a height of 180 cm, the lounger is transformed into a bed which serves as an impregnable fortress. The space underneath can be efficiently used. For example, as storage space for shelves or as a workstation for pupils.


Room for two with the bunk bed

What to do, when the little brother or sister no longer need the full-time care of their parents and a second children’s room is not an option for the time being? The daybed can also be converted into a bunk bed with a height of 140, 160 or 180 cm. Here, both children find enough space – the older one sleeps on top, the smaller one on the bottom.

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