PAIDI is a good feeling.

Safe, harmless and tested, children’s furniture of uncompromisingly high standards – that’s what PAIDI represents. Because nothing should be more important to us than creating the best possible environment for our children.

PAIDI guarantees quality

We guarantee flawless workmanship when it comes to our products that’s why we offer an extended PAIDI guarantee of 5 years*.

* excluding textiles, mattresses as well as Schoolworld-textiles and -accessories (Faber-Castell and koziol)
PAIDI thinks about the future

All current PAIDI ranges come with a 5-year repurchase guarantee*.

* excluding textiles, mattresses, exclusive/selective ranges (e.g. “Lotte & Fynn“) as well as Schoolworld-fabrics, desk chairs and stools and -accessories (Faber-Castell and koziol)
PAIDI stops for children's hands

PAIDI drawers and wardrobe doors are equipped with a high-quality soft close system it stops gently and then closes itself silently. Learn more

Original PAIDI Slide System

Fitted, high-quality aluminium rails ensure optimal movement of the sliding doors. Thanks to Soft Close the doors stop for small and larger fingers and also close gently and quietly. Learn more

PAIDI Loading Animation