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School desk e-lion 1

Electrically height-adjustable, childproof school desk encourages movement

Dynamic work at the electrically height-adjustable desk for pupils

The learning station with e-lion 1 invites students to change regularly their studying position. With the electrically height-adjustable student desk, pupils protect and strengthen their backs during homework by sitting dynamically and changing regularly their learning position. The new Swifty standing/sitting stool also encourages movement during homework: children do not only sit well, Swifty also supports them while they are standing at the desk.


Technical data

2 widths: 130 and 150 cm
Depth: 75 cm
Height: electrically adjustable from approx. 62 -127 cm
Memory function: 4 programmable memory locations, desk heights can be set individually
Reminder to get up: a light strip on the Desk Panel can give at intervals the signal to get up.
Digital child safety lock: the Desk Panel is unlocked by a key combination. This means that small siblings shall be prevented from adjusting the height.


Digital Desk Panel with display offers clever functions

The e-lion 1 encourages regular changes in the sitting position: alternating between learning in low and high positions trains the muscles, promotes movement and makes it easier for children to do something good for their bodies. This in turn has a positive effect on concentration and well-being.

The e-lion 1 can be adjusted from approx. 62 to 126 cm via the desk panel with its display. The desk remembers four desired heights using the memory function. A particularly practical feature is that the kids can be reminded at intervals to stand up and sit down while learning and working.

How to operate the Desk Panel of the e-lion 1

Unlocking the digital child lock

The Desk Panel with digital child safety lock is enabled by a combination of buttons. When adjusting the height, the desk moves up gently and stops just as gently at the desired height.

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Memory function for saving table heights

The e-lion 1 can be adjusted from approx. 62 to 126 cm via the desk panel with display. The desk remembers up to four desired heights for learning while sitting and standing. After saving the favourite height, the desk stops briefly at the programmed position – this is the signal that the position has been reached and the display can be released.

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Ready to get up? No problem, the e-lion 1 reminds your child

The electrically height-adjustable e-lion 1 integrates movement into learning. This becomes necessary when students get older and have longer learning and working phases at home. The regular change between standing, sitting and all positions in between is good for the body and thus supports well-being. The get-up reminder function can help with this: an orange light strip on the display shows when it is time to get up.
As soon as you have adjusted the seat height, the orange light turns green again.

Your child can set three intervals. Regularly changing the position is ideal.

Childproof school desk

Child safety is a top priority for PAIDI’s first electrically height-adjustable desk for school children – in addition to the Desk Panel’s digital child safety lock, the e-lion 1 also fulfils other safety aspects. During height adjustment, the desk moves up gently and stops just as gently at the desired height. If the table does encounter an obstacle when it is being adjusted up or down, it stops immediately, moves back a little – and when the path is clear again, the table moves straight on.

All cables are safely routed in the e-lion 1 so that children have no direct contact with the electricity.

Design meets Comfort

Modern design from head to toe: the filigree tabletop with rounded sides and the white, straight-lined base give the student desk an elegant look. Another big advantage: the desk is assembled in no time.

E-volution in zwei Breiten und vier verschiedenen Dekoren. Der elektrisch höhenverstellbare Schreibtisch bietet hohen Komfort bis zum Schulabschluss und darüber hinaus. Die Höhe zwischen 62 und 127 cm macht auch ein rückenschonendes Arbeiten im Stehen möglich.

Zu den Schreibtischen

The e-lion 1 concept: clever additions to the learning space

Perfect partner: Swifty standing stool

The Swifty standing/sitting stool supports moving and active work at e-lion 1. The stool follows the Sitness® principle, which trains the back and spine while sitting. Children sit actively on the Swifty; the regular change between low position and supported standing guarantee freedom of movement and help to concentrate better.

Not tuned, but lowered

The Ypso desk chair is visually and functionally a step ahead: its mesh cover is available in four modern, delicate colours and the base is a real eye-catcher. The latter allows for a particularly low setting from school enrolment. Thanks to PAIDI’s newly developed dual height adjustment, the chair grows ergonomically with the child up to school-leaving age.

Caddy desk pedestal with space for all learning materials

The stylish caddy desk pedestal is also a practical organising talent. With its cool leather loop, it can be pulled into place in no time at all and offers plenty of space for standing files, letter collectors, notebooks and pens.

Bookshelf and pinboard at the same time

The pinboard scores with two shelves and a pin element. Mounted above the desk, the new pinboard creates space for all learning materials that need to be within easy reach and is an eye-catcher at the same time thanks to the textile splash of colour.

More light on the desk

For uniform, glare-free light when working. Para.Mi with rotatable luminaire head and 102 LEDs.

Discover e-lion 1

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