Changing nappies safely

A safe changing unit

In the first months of life, parents and their baby develop a ritual of their own: changing nappies several times a day. Because sometimes this has to be done quickly, but always safely, changing units from PAIDI offer a number of convenient advantages.


Extra high protection on the sides

Our changing attachments for the chest of drawers come with a higher side protection. This prevents the baby from slipping off the surface even better. The changing mat is closed at the back of the dresser.


Secure wall attachment

Thanks to the variable wall fastening, the chests of drawers with the changing unit on top can be fixed to the wall and therefore they are stable and cannot tip over.

Changing unit if required

The changing unit is closed at the back to prevent anything from falling behind the chest of drawers. As with all of PAIDI’s chests of drawers (except Eliana) with a width of 140 cm or more, the changing unit can be fitted on the left, in the middle or on the right to suit your needs.


A soft head protection

If your baby bumps his or her head on the back of the changing table, the soft head protection will be there to soften the impact. It is simply attached to the rear end of the changing mat and, with its standard width of 78 cm, fits on any changing unit. The washable cover is available in many different colours.


Convenient drawer

As you often only have one free hand while changing nappies, the top drawer of the chest of drawers can be opened with a gentle push … and also closed again. The fully extendable drawer on most models allows easy access to the farthest corner of the drawer, the insert and utensil tray also help to keep things tidy.

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