Sitness® - Desk Chairs for Children encourage ergonomic sitting habits

Active and dynamic sitting prevents posture problems, promotes blood circulation and trains the muscles. The term Sitness® describes the principle: promoting fitness while sitting down.

Keep moving at the children's desk with Sitness®

A natural range of motion makes sitting noticeably easier for children and is also good for the spine and blood circulation. Sitness® trains the pelvic and back muscles, prolongs the ability to concentrate and increases the willingness to perform.


Tio Sitness® desk chair for schoolchildren

The Tio Sitness® children’s desk chair is equipped with a stable joint under the seat, creating a semi-rigid connection between the floor and the body. Shifting weight on the seat creates movement in all directions.

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Stool Speedy

With our stool Speedy, the dynamically shaped foot removes the rigid connection to the floor and creates an active, three-dimensional sitting experience with the horizontal swinging effect.

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