PAIDI Schoolworld 2022/23

Schoolworld Änderungen im Rahmen des technischen Fortschritts vorbehalten | Druckbedingte Farbabweichungen möglich | Kaufbilder: PAIDI Möbel GmbH  Hauptstraße 87, D-97840 Hafenlohr E-Mail:, PAIDI ist das gute Gefühl. Ergonomics and motion. m o v e s PAIDI chairs with Sitness ® technology PAIDI desk chairs and stools, which follow the Sitness ® concept, create a dynamic and ergonomic sitting experience through 360° movement of the seat. PAIDI is Brand of the Century. Durability and sustainability. Quality and safety. Awarded by the ZEIT publishing group and Dr Florian Langenscheidt The award, which is granted in accordance with strict criteria, illustrates the significance and importance of the brand: PAIDI IS children‘s furniture. PAIDI thinks about the future For all current PAIDI catalogue programmes, we offer a 5-year availability guarantee.* * except textiles and mattresses PAIDI guarantees quality We stand for the flawless workmanship of our products with the extended 5 years PAIDI guarantee.* * except textiles and mattresses PAIDI carries the RAL quality mark The “golden M” is awarded by the German Association of Quality Furniture (DGM) a character that is received only by furniture that is tested through their paces. They must be processed stable, secure, durable and well processed - and also meet the highest standards from a health perspective. More information at PAIDI represents tested safety Our PAIDI furniture, which is tested according to the standards for children’s furniture, bears the GS mark. This is considered to be the most reliable guarantee for the functional security and overall safety (of furniture and articles of daily use) and is awarded by independent test centres approved by the Federal Ministry. People and the environment. PAIDI is low in emissions PAIDI furniture is particularly low in emissions. The- refore, they have been classified in the best emis- sion class "A" by the German Furniture Quality As- sociation.* * The collections/models marked with the emission la- bel comply with the award basis for the emission label of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. in the re- spective category. PAIDI is climate neutral PAIDI has been the first climate-neutral children‘s furniture manufacturer since 2016. The company has reduced all emissions and made them climate- neutral, such as direct emissions that occur during combustion in the heating system, or indirect emis- sions that occur in the procurement of electricity. PAIDI also supports projects for reforestation and the expansion of regenerative energies, thus achie- ving the highest level of the Climate Pact of the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM). More information at paidi-moebel-gmbh PAIDI uses non-toxic lacquers DIN 53160 and EN 71-3 are among the strictest standards. They are normally applied to children’s toys that are particularly frequently put in the hand or mouth. PAIDI is committed As a member of the Alliance for Development and Climate, PAIDI supports CO2 compensation projects in developing countries. PAIDI bears the Blue Angel PAIDI furniture are so low emission that they are allowed to carry the Blue Angel.